I go from annoyed to amused to happy to sad and back to annoyed in the span of like an hour and It repeats.
I think about sex and how I’d like to have it but then I think it’s too much work for me to deal with and I go back to digging myself into a hole.

But other than that I’m glad you broke up with your girlfriend so you’ll be texting me for sex for a while until you give up. It’s still amusing to say the least.

I don’t play well with narcissistic assholes.
Sorry, not sorry.


Tiger III. Charcoal and Acrylic on Printmaking Paper with Digital Color, 22 x 30”, 2014.


Tiger III. Charcoal and Acrylic on Printmaking Paper with Digital Color, 22 x 30”, 2014.


Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”



This is beautiful…A-MAZ-ING!

Que lindoooooou

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i still don’t get anything.

why would they make fun of you…?

because what I enjoy spending my time doing is sleeping, playing video games and watching lets players, primarily game grumps and cryaotic and markiplier because they have and will continue to get me through dark times and whenever i’m sad or bored or whatever i just do that because i like it and i enjoy watching it. 

the only person who hasn’t made fun of me for this was alex who i found lets players with, like we found them together. one guy. that’s it. who enjoyed it and didn’t make fun of me. 

so, finding someone with common interests who isn’t going to grab my tits on the first time i see them is proving difficult. i’m just annoyed, like i said mmph.

sometimes i think, wouldn’t it be cool to have a boyfriend and like be in a relationship again? yeah i’m 21, that’d be fun. 

but then I think about it more and I get annoyed and think of having to text them all the time and having to be made fun of for my hobbies/interests, etc and I’m like no…no not really. i’d rather be single and masturbate or something. 

because i’m just generally always annoyed.


Nikki is coming to see Block B with me. I’m beyond excited.
To me its more than just seeing a band. When I was getting sober and couldn’t sleep at night I found them. They’re what occupied me and helped me deal with my withdrawals and cravings. To me they saved me, which might sound cheesy. But they did. So who better to see them with than the one person who always supports me.