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Bêste Noire

Selena scuffed down the dim, lonely city streets. Her platinum locks seeming to dance to the frigid breeze surrounding her. Most nights, Selena could walk down the streets with the guidance of the bleached out moon. But tonight, he decided not to show and the sky was just a dark graveyard of black, the stars dimly showing like forgotten gravestones.

Why think such creepy things, Selena? No one is behind you. Selena tried to calm herself down, thinking about butterflies and happy thoughts so that her goose bumps would leave her pale arms. Her ears perked to the sound of something rustle. The goose bumps, which she d worked so hard to dismiss, returned back to her, consuming her entire body now. She glanced to her back, spotting a scrawny alley cat scurry away from the scene, leaving in her wake a spilled trash can, with papers taken away by the wind.

She continued down the concrete, and not a second later she heard another rustle. A loud, harsh rustle. She feared to look behind her, and just quickened her pace. Click, click, click. Footsteps, loud footsteps. Selena opened her ears, drowning out her own clicks of her heels so as to identify the stranger s. Work boots, steel-toe. I can out run him! Her brain rang with her paranoid thoughts always consuming her body. Her pace quickened first to a jog, and then a full run. Her soft tresses always seeming to work their way in front of her eyes, so that she felt almost blind.

Selena ran faster, her own high heels clicking on the pavement, ringing in her ears. The boots stomped louder and louder until the stranger, too went into a full run. She could hear his heaving breath close behind her. She dodged his first attempt to grasp her hair, and then another when he reached for her dress. Click, click, click, click. The sounds of their feet meshing together in her ears, forming a morbid melody of fear.